Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't forget! Oddmall November 7th

Just a reminder!

We are going to be at Oddmall Chrishaunkwanzmadan in Hudson, Ohio November 7th.
(click on the link for directions and more info) It is an Indie Artisan show of the eclectic , fun, quirky, beautiful and bizarre! Among the great things is the fact that it is free!!!!!!! to the public. So if you have no plans for the weekend I suggest checking it out. There will be great items to pick up for the holidays and no doubt will be a good time.
We will be taking our cool flint glass 16 oz jars (as shown in the 8oz size) in 25 different fragrances and quite possibly may offer a special on them for the event!
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Candle Sale!

To make room for new fragrances added this fall I am having a sale on remaining inventory of the following fragrances!

Cinnamon Clove Bud - a spicy cinnamon clove mix like Bath and Body works fragrance

Plum Cardamom - a slightly sweet plum with a subtle spice note - this is a more delicate fragrance - not heavy.

Gardenia - enough said

Vanilla Blossoms - smells like baby powder with a slight vanilla note.

Black Cherry - very strong tart cherry (not discontinuing but making way for another fruit for the season)

Stock and sizes are limited - please call to see what is available. 330-426-9955/9928

All sizes will be 50% off retail!

The new additions will be Keeping Room (our old version of a spice mix of cinnamon, clove , allspice blend - finally found the perfect replacment!), Nutmeg, Gingerbread, Woodland Berry, Evergreen & Citrus, our famous Colonial Christmas (balsam with a touch of vanilla) Orange Clove and Peppermint!
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