Thursday, July 16, 2009

News for July

News for July is that I am planning some new things for candle purchases and online customers.

There is going to be a new candle fragrance of the month special which I will post Aug through December.

In addition plans are in the works for a "Grand Opening" near the end of Sept., an invitation for a wine tasting as well as something special for the holidays.
In the meantime - I am still plugging along making the numerous candles to take to Shaker Woods for the show in August and hoping that I can get everything done! Another great event for July has been the addition of our custom canvas / sign for over our doorway. It looks amazing! (Thank you - to Bill Yansens from Canvas Corner of East Palestine)

Lastly I have finally put all of the candles on Etsy ( an all handmade marketplace for artisans) to make it easier for all of my out of town customers to purchase them direct and "online". Hopefully it will make the purchase easier and quicker. It will just take some time for me to get the word out to everyone! The direct link to our Etsy Store is in the right hand upper corner.

Thank you again for the wonderful outpouring of nice comments and support!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Opening Day

Today went off without a hitch and I was so pleased with the turn out considering I did not advertise (other than the mention to the facebook crowd). Everyone was so nice and it was great to hear the wonderful feedback from everyone. A special thank you to - Carol, Steve, Jess and Scott for the DELISH edible fruit arrangment. That was such a nice surprise! Although our "Grand Opening" won't be scheduled until after our show at Shaker Woods, I hope to have some sort of regular hours and will try my best to keep a variety of candles available. The candle shelves won't be full until after the show. The soaps and oils were a hit today and that was nice as well. Oh - and just because our signs aren't done , doesn't mean we aren't open. Look for the "open" sign in the window and stop in!

Thanks for making this a great day!