Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open for Business

Just a reminder that we will be open for our first offical day of business in the new storefront today - July 1st! Look for the "Open" sign.
A "Grand Opening " is being scheduled after we are done at Shaker Woods.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Retail Location

This is just a short and sweet note to announce the opening of our new brick and mortar location at 135 North Market Street - East Palestine - Ohio. We officially hope to be open July 1st and are looking forward to sharing the inspiration.


The science of the effects fragrance has on the mind & spirit .
Aromachology? It is simple. It is the basic awareness of how a certain fragrance evokes feelings of peace, happiness, bliss, relaxation or bring up memories of something familiar or comforting.

Aromachology vs. Aromatherapy?

The main difference is that Aromatherapy deals in the actual effects that certain botanical ingredients have on the body, such as how peppermint can clear the sinuses or help with mental alertness.
Since Aromatherapy uses only actual essential oils - it can limit the creations you can make scent wise. I chose to make my candles using the Arom aaahhh cology principle. The use of fine quality oils containing essential oils allows me to create a beautifully fragranced candle and help evoke the many senses....in you.